Buddhist Yogis Berkeley


Please join us in our fundraising effort to raise $10,000 by December 31st toward the purchase of our meditation center in Berkeley, Caifornia.  Through the combined generosity of many donors, Ngakpa Intl works to preserve a historical landmark and place of Dharma in the revolutionary heart of Berkeley for future generations to meditate, take Buddhist teachings, and find joyful sanity.

The MahaSiddha Center is Ngakpa Int’l residential meditation community and Dharma Center. Just a few blocks from UC Berkeley, the center opened in December, 2005. It is home to 11 residents of diverse backgrounds, and a gathering place for local community, who ongoingly host

  • public meditations
  • buddhist classes and retreats
  • yoga classes by donation
  • daily morning meditation practice
  • natural health courses
  • a program for feeding the homeless
  • hosting charity fundraisers for organizations which benefit children in the Himalayas, Brazil, and more..

Residents practice meditation together each morning. Throughout the rest of the day, residents carry on with their ordinary lives, attending to university studies, jobs, families, volunteering their time to charitable causes, and their personal creative endeavors. The daily practice of meditation is a life-transforming experience, yet maintaining that commitment is not always easy when our lives and schedules are not oriented around sitting meditation. Our residential program is oriented around daily group meditation practice for students and working people with full schedules, and all our center’s activities are in support of our communities health, happiness, and well being.