At Ngakpa House, it is one of our great joys to share the energy of generosity. Generosity gives happiness, purpose and inspiration to our lives. Every time we give love and help others we are changing our minds and changing our world for the better.

Give in Their Honor: Holiday Gift Card

Give the gift of giving this year and donate on behalf of your friends, family or loved ones. They will receive a lovely holiday gift card with your personalized message, pictures, as well as a piece of the story and history of the orphanage and school projects, a weaving into the amazing generosity and merit that this project represents and generates. Give a Gift Card.

Give Any Amount

Every donation makes a difference no matter how large or how small.
Generosity is the foundation of our Mission, and Giving is our Mantra.
Giving is the new Getting. Giving activates Happiness. Give Now.

Give Gifts from our Gift Shop – Coming Soon

Lovely items have been donated from retailers and individuals who believe in our project and want to help support it. These items are for sale in our Gift Shop, and all proceeds go to Ngakpa House orphanage and school projects.

Give Your Time and Skills: Volunteer

The generosity of Volunteers is what Ngakpa House is founded on. Your participation can make a real difference and there are many ways to help, such as social media, crowd-funding, video production, blogging, sponsorship, tending the gift shop, event planning, and so much more. Contact to get involved.