Pema Khandro


Founder of Ngakpa House and Ngakpa International, Pema Khandro is a Buddhist teacher devoted to sustaining and sharing the ancient heritage of Buddhist Yogis from Tibet, known as the Nyingma tradition.

Pema Khandro is a teacher ordained in the rare lineage of Buddhist Yogis from Tibet.  She is the founder and director of Ngakpa International and the Yogic Medicine Institute. The courses she teaches focus on Tantric Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine and she has spent over a decade fundraising to support children and elders in the Himalayan border regions. The current headquarters of her teaching is a residential urban retreat center in Berkeley, California known as the MahaSiddha Center. Pema Khandro has been featured in Yoga Journal, in TV and numerous radio interviews and continues to be an advocate of the relevance of non-monastic Buddhist traditions as Buddhism takes shape in North America.

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