A Change of Paradigm: Buy Less – Give More

This year (and every year) we have an opportunity to Change the Paradigm of media-driven holiday consumerism, into acts of generosity, giving Gifts that are truly meaningful, giving to those in need, and spending money on Gifts that strike the human chord in our Heart.

I’ve made a pledge this year to FAST off of the typical holiday consumerism, and instead give on behalf of my friends and family, by donating to impoverished orphans, children and elders of the Himalayan border regions who do not have access to government assistance. Ngakpa House offers a donation program of personalized Gift Cards that can be given in someone’s honor, sent either by Email (saves paper too!), or lovely cards via postal service.

Sample Card



Join us today in changing the paradigm, making a difference , and offering gifts that truly benefit people and our world.

Generosity is our Mission
Giving is our Mantra
Giving is the new Getting
Giving activates Happiness

Give a Gift Card in Their Honor


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