Gifting Challenge raised $1,000 in 1 day

Gifting Challenge – donate at least 1 of your holiday gifts on someone’s behalf, make a video of yourself letting others know you took the Gifting Challenge at Ngakpa House, and invite your friends and loved ones to join the Gifting Movement. Let them know that 100% of the proceeds directly assists Himalayan Children, Orphans and Elders of the Himalayan Border Regions with resources of food, shelter, clothing, education, medical and emergency funds​, and help sustain the spiritual and cultural heritage of Tibetans.​

Add this hashtag to your post​ on Facebook​: #GiftingChallenge
Add this link to your post:

When you donate “In Their Honor”, your friends, family or loved ones will receive a lovely card letting them know that you gave on their behalf, with a personal message from you, as well as pictures and a piece of the story and history of the Himalayan orphanage​.​

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